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Who is Dehshh? @dehshh

Dehshh 1 243x365 - Who is Dehshh? @dehshhWith provocative vocals inspired by the deep and sultry ballads of her Idol, Toni Braxton and the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean; Dehshh maybe Jamaica’s best kept secret.

Drawing inspiration from her life experiences and bad breakups, her first mixtape, “State of Confusion”, released in December 2017 features soulful R&B ballads that illicit in her listeners a bewildering feeling of being secure in their own insecurities.

Yet, following up on this R&B infused mixtape, you can find her on the more up-tempo dancehall flavoured track “Tun Up Di Vibes” or the melodic Abrobeat track “All on Me”. Her uncanny ability to smoothly transition into any genre of music: Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, R&B, AfroBeat and even Pop has made her a rising sensation.

We got a chance to throw a few questions her way and here is what she had to say…………….

CanadianYardie (CY): Who is Dehshh as an artist?

Dehshh: Someone who is very emotive and relatable.

CY: What sets you apart from the other emerging artists out now?

Dehshh: I’d say my sound is a lot different from everyone else. Soulful but with a modern twist.Dehshh 5 313x365 - Who is Dehshh? @dehshh

CY: In this social media age, is it harder or easier to get that big break everyone is searching for?

Dehshh: Social media has a lot of influence on our present generation seeing it’s right at our fingertips so it does make it a lot easier.

CY: What genre would you place your music in and why?

Dehshh: I don’t really believe I’m of a specific genre, I just see myself as versatile.

CY: Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why?

Dehshh: I’m a huge drizzy fan, I take a lot of inspiration from him. Most of his songs always tell a story, a lot similar to how I write as well.

CY: How does being from Jamaica influence your music?

Dehshh 3 243x365 - Who is Dehshh? @dehshhDehshh: Jamaicans are really creative with melodies and words. We’re full of vibes and I put a lot of that energy into my new music.

CY: What is the best advice you have received so far on your musical journey?

Dehshh: That I need to stay true to my music and not feel pressured to do what everyone is doing.

CY: Tell us about your biggest accomplishment musically so far.

Dehshh: In 2017 I managed to complete a full body of work, my EP “State Of Confusion”.

CY: Who would you want to work with locally and internationally and why?

Dehshh: Locally I’d love to work with Dexta Daps, I think he’s a great vocalist. Internationally I’d love to work with Drake. He’s extremely versatile and an amazing rapper, one of the best out there right now.

CY: What should we look out for, from Dehshh for the remainder of the year and beyond?

Dehshh: Just more great music

Check her out:

Youtube: Dehshh

Instagram: @dehshh

Twitter: @dehshh




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