IMG 2171 1 - WEH YUH SEH by Melisha Camile @mel_weh_yuh_seh_jamaicanbookblogs interviews 

WEH YUH SEH by Melisha Camile @mel_weh_yuh_seh_jamaicanbook

IMG 2171 292x365 - WEH YUH SEH by Melisha Camile @mel_weh_yuh_seh_jamaicanbook

Weh Yuh Seh is a typical Jamaican Greeting that says hello, good to see you, I hope you are fine and let’s chat; all rolled up in one sentence! With this Fun Guide to understanding Jamaicans and Jamaicanisms, Melisha Camile demonstrates her love for the rock and all who come from it and gives the wider world a guide to embrace their Jamaican spirit. Having sold books for over 16 years I have seen similar products, but Melisha with her wide experience and unique style , combines the facts and figures, dictionary, phrases and trivia, jokes, old time sayings and the must have Anancy Story to make an excellent offering.
I take great pleasure in recommending Weh Yuh Seh…to di world !! Enjoy

Garfield Robinson, The Voice Newspaper.

CanadianYardie(CY): Who is Melisha Camile?

Melisha Camile (MC): I am a innovative, creative, ambitious woman, a new author, a mother, Jamaican born been in London from a teenager, a project manager and a world traveler.

CY: When did you did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

MC: Since I was a child, I’d always write things down but was too shy to share my thoughts, I’ve always one of those sneaky, private person but now I’m at the point where I’m open minded and liberal.

CY: Describe you ?

MC: I’m bubbly, fun, super organised, cheeky, big hearted, determined and hard working. I’m spoilt but in a good way lol. I’m the type of person people keep close.

CY: What is the title of your current book and what is the inspiration behind it?

MC: Weh Yuh Seh the fun guide to understanding Jamaicans. – I’ve travelled all over the world this year 35 different times and people do loveIMG 2172 550x365 - WEH YUH SEH by Melisha Camile @mel_weh_yuh_seh_jamaicanbook Jamaicans however not everyone understands what we are saying. This book is a combination of how we speak, our culture and jovial ways alongside our dictionaries and folk stories. I decided to write this book with help from my family as something available for everyone all over the world and a guide to understanding us.

CY: Is this book only for adults?

MC: No this is a family book.

CY: How many books have you written?

MC: I have written 2 books to date, my first is out on December 01 2018 and my second will be out on January 01 2019 so 2 books a month apart. Which is your favorite and why? I love them both and I’m very proud of them however my favorite is The Good The Bad the Ugly because it’s totally about me and my experiences, I’m airing my dirty laundry but it’s also relatable to other people and I know it’s a good read for the adult genre.

CY: What is the most important thing you learnt while creating this book?

MC: I have to have so much patience on a daily basis in order to proceed in life and this book as showed me that.

CY: In this digital age that we are in, do you prefer audio/ebooks or you rather reading the hard copy?

MC: I prefer hard copy as I can take it anywhere and have a quiet moment and read, not all the time I want to hear talking or noise sometimes is about the peace and quiet Why? I’m old school

IMG 2170 292x365 - WEH YUH SEH by Melisha Camile @mel_weh_yuh_seh_jamaicanbookCY: How easy/hard is it to get published?

MC: It’s pretty easy to get self published, all you need is your material, designs, etc and the capital to push it through.

CY: Tell us about your biggest accomplishment so far.

MC: My biggest accomplishment thus far is actually finishing my 2 books and having them published and printed.

CY: What is your expectation for this project?

MC: I try not to have any expectations but I’m optimistic so I’m aiming for world domination and overall first annual sale of 5000 copies.

CY: Tell us when and where this project will be available?

MC: This will be available from 01 December on amazon, ebay and through my instagram pages – Melisha Camile, @mel_weh_yuh_seh_jamaicanbook, @la_bellemanagement_uk,

Twitter : Melisha Camile

CY: Can the CanadianYardie team get a signed complimentary copy ?

MC: Yes you will receive a complimentary goody bag with the book and other Jamaican treats.

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