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51704667 2303289423274473 2343111960859508736 n 1 365x365 - TeePolo @tee_pol0CanadianYardie had a chat with uprising artist Tee Polo and it was another great conversation.  We will be addding TeePolo to our upcoming artists 2019 list…..Keep reading for all the details.

CanadianYardie (CY): Who is TeePolo as an artist?

Tee Polo (TP): TeePolo is a strong and self-driven individual whose love for music goes beyond measures. I am a lover of the people, a humanitarian at heart therefore most of my songs will aim to mirror what’s being experienced in society today/what people faces on a day to day basis. Even though I tend to relate with and to the people through my music, my music will not entirely focus on the negative experience of the people

CY: What sets you apart from the other emerging artists out now?

TP: What sets me apart from other emerging artists right now is me being myself, I’ve come to the realization that not everyone has the courage to be themselves therefore they become what society has carved them to be. So, I will say my authenticity and my unique sound.

CY: What do you most and least like about the music industry?

TP: What I like least about the industry is the fact that talent is often overlooked, and many people focuses more on the gimmicks. Also, the fact that the industry being male dominated as many of us know, the fight is probably twice for a female especially one with little or no connections.48398128 2265820143688068 4358507360004603904 n 1 380x365 - TeePolo @tee_pol0

CY: In this social media age, is it harder or easier to get that big break everyone is searching for?

TP: To be honest social media is a great platform, I would say it’s a door that gives you the opportunity to an easier breakthrough especially if what you are putting out there is something everyone wants to see and hear. You can just wake up one morning and realize that you’re trending, or everyone is talking about you. It has helped many artists to gain their big break, though not everyone will be that lucky.

Reggae Lifestyle

CY: What’s your background and how does that influence your sound?

TP: I’m 100% Jamaican, I listen to every music, though my favorite is reggae and dancehall. I believe listening to a wider range of music from different cultures or artists will have some impact on anyone as an artist. I appreciate good music, even if I don’t understand the language in which It is being done, I will still listen and move to the groove. Music for me is energy, spiritual I feel so many emotions when I listen.

CY: What inspired the song You Got To Go?

TP: What inspired me to do You Got To Go, as I mentioned, I am for the people, I am not here to play blind or entertain the mediocre. I see how many of us are as individuals, we tend to not want to help anyone but ourselves, many children are not being listened to, not being nourished from their roots therefore some of the now adults who were once those children are what society look down upon today. Those people (society) weren’t willing to be apart of their development but they are willing to point the fingers and are there once they mess up.

CY: Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

TP: I have got so many favorite musicians most are Rastafarians, something about their music that sends a burning sensation through my soul but just to name a few, Queen Ifrica, Jah Vinci, Tanya Stephens, Iba Mahr, Bugle, Vybz Kartel, Sizzla and the list goes on. To be honest, my personal experiences has a lot to do with my musical influence.

CY: What is the best advice you have received so far on your musical journey?

TP: So far, the best advice given to me “Be yourself, don’t change that and remember to do music for the ones who loves you and wants to hear what you have to offer as an artist” That did a lot for me especially since as an artist I strive to stay authentic and true to who I am. That’s exactly what will enable me to give my best to the people.

CY: Tell us about your biggest accomplishment musically so far.

TP: My biggest accomplishment so far is being acknowledged by Sweden’s biggest reggae and dancehall radio station manager Ana Olin Diaz. My song “You Got To Go” was submitted to the radio station among hundreds of other tracks from other talented artists only a few weeks after it has been released and my track won 1st place and got the chance to be played on their radio every hour for one month. That was also their first radio competition which is called “The Burst Hour” It was also their favorite track out of many. People called in, text and messaged through Facebook on their live show to vote for each track played. It doesn’t stop there, most of my listeners on my streaming platforms are from Europe every day the number of listeners increases.

Another addition to my accomplishment, my second track that I released in February “Overcome” has been touching a lot of people, reaching them in the way I would want it to, I have gotten a lot more attention since the release of that single. The song gained a lot of attention even before it was released as I had placed a 0.25 second teaser on my social media platforms which started to go viral and had people asking for the entire song.

53482168 2317629545173794 7482954149240242176 n 1 243x365 - TeePolo @tee_pol0CY: Who would you want to work with why?

TP: I would like to work with any of my mentioned favorites, “Jah Vinci, Pressure, Ibah Mahr, Bugle” even ones that I haven’t mentioned including ones that are not Jamaicans like Wiz Kid from Africa, like I said I appreciate great music and talented people therefore I am breaking down boundaries at the moment.

Upcoming Reggae Concerts ?

CY: What should we look out for, from TeePolo for the remainder of the year and beyond?

TP: Just be on the look out for many new projects and great music, and my music reaching places. The official video for my newest single “Overcome” is also being worked on so be on the lookout for that. I am also working on a next single to be released soon “Give Thanks”. I place no limits therefore there are no barriers, so just be on the lookout, don’t sleep on me lol. I believe am a great and talented artist and more of me is needed in today’s day and age.

Upcoming Artists 2019 list coming soon……


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