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Synchroshakti – @synchroshakti

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The beautiful thing about music is that is knows no boundaries, here we have Synchroshakti who fell in love with Reggae Music which resulted in a fusion of sounds. The CanadianYardie team got in a Q&A session with her and this is what she had to say……

CanadianYardie(CY): Synchroshakti? What does it mean and how did it come about?

Synchroshakti (SS): Synchroshakti is a term I coined back in 2011 to name my then born spiritual and personal development based Youtube channel. I merged the words “synchronicity’ meaning “meaningful coincidences” i.e divinely orchestrated, with the Sanskrit word “Shakti” which means energy. So in essence it means divinely orchestrated energy, that moves through me into the works. The channel eventually grew into a brand, and the name followed with me on stage as well.

(CY): What is you background and how does it influence your sound?

(SS): I am born and brought up in modern India. I began as a jazz and blues singer for cover bands in my city over a decade ago, however following a spiritual path brought me closer to conscious and healing forms of music, like ancient devotional hymns from the Hindu traditions, conscious music from the west as well as a fusion between ancient traditional Indian music and modern western music. I began to create a fusion form of music called Kirtan rock. Later I was seriously bit by the reggae music bug, I fell in love with many forms of reggae, and it’s vibe was perfect for the empowering, positive and conscious lyrics that I am inspired to write, including the merging of ancient sanskrit hymns to the reggae styling. So yes my background definitely influences my sound.

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What sets you apart from the other emerging artists out here now?

(SS): I merge traditional and ancient Indian hymns and my personal spiritual energy into the music I write, and I believe this sets me apart from the other emerging artists out there, also I’m one of the only female reggae artists coming out of India, so there is definitely some novelty that goes with that.15732630 1211948365556358 2301983285258318695 o 648x365 - Synchroshakti - @synchroshakti

(CY): Would you consider yourself a reggae artist or are you not genre defined?

(SS): I would consider myself a conscious artist that does several conscious genres including roots reggae.

(CY): What group/artist was or is your biggest musical influence?

(SS): I have so many, but I love the works of Bim sherman, Kula Shaker, Jai Uttal, roots artists like Bob marley and modern reggae artists like Naaman, Sarah lugo, Chronixx, Jah9 and so much more.

(CY): There is a great debate about writing you own content, what’s your take?

(SS): Yes, always write your own content, that’s your personal energy you share with the world.

(CY): What would be your dream collaboration and why?

(SS): In the reggae field, my dream collaboration would be with artists who fuse older roots vibe with dub, so I can weave in the ancient indian sounds with it. Although I started my reggae career with more pop style reggae sounds, my spirit is called more towards the spiritual core of reggae. Perhaps artists like the Congos and Pura Vida band from Belgium, although the works are already on the way.

(CY): What have been some of your musically achievements and what would you say is your biggest?15625644 10155629993908206 5123213986055488349 o 276x365 - Synchroshakti - @synchroshakti

(SS): Well so far is getting to do music with great artists in Europe last year, and getting to work with the Honest music label on a riddim album that includes legends like Don Carlos and Harrison Stafford from Groundation. That album comes out this month!

(CY): Where can we see performing in the upcoming months?

(SS): In my local scene for now, but soon I will be back to Europe in summer of 2019.

(CY): Is it possible to get a CanadianYardie drop/jingle for free or for dirt cheap lol?

(SS): Possible, if you cover the studio charges haha!

Follow her on Instagram: @synchroshakti

Check out her music video: Look Up 



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