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16454450011 9cc50236a0 n - SMALL CHANGE CHALLENGE #SCC UpdateIt’s been awhile since I did an update on the Small Change Challenge #SCC (click here for the explanation of #SCC) and I think one is long overdue. Let’s start off by saying AIM is no longer apart of my #SCC portfolio as their separation with Air Canada cause them to cut dividends and canceled the dividend payout which was announced. The stock took a nosedive so I decided to get out at a point where I could at least break even. Also since the #SCC is intended to be a long-term savings plan I moved all holdings over to a Registered Retirement Savings Account RRSP account.

My #SCC account now consists of two (2) holdings:

Nexus Real Estate Investment Trust (NXR.UN)

Nexus Real Estate Investment Trust is engaged in the acquisition, ownership, and management of industrial, office and retail properties located in primary and secondary markets in North America. This a real estate investment trust (REIT) which pays month dividend of $0.013 monthly or $0.156 annually per share.

Pro Real Estate Investment Trust (PRV.UN)

PRO Real Estate Investment Trust is an open-ended real estate investment trust. It acquires, owns and operates a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate properties across Canada. This a REIT which pays a monthly dividend of $0.018 monthly or $0.216 annually per share.

PRV.UN and NXR.UN both fit perfectly in my #SCC portfolio as they are two relatively stable stocks with potential for capital gains which pays out a modest dividend while falling in between the $1-$2.99 range

Energy Income Fund (ENI.UN) (potential buy)

Energy Income Fund is a closed-ended investment trust. Its investment objective is to provide unitholders with income from distributions while attempting to achieve a total return over the term of the Trust. This holds a basket of various energy stocks (see Diagram below)  which pays a monthly dividend of $0.010 monthly or $0.12 annually per share. I bought this stock before but I sold it off and reinvested the cash elsewhere now I am thinking to add to the #SCC.



My monthly update will include the #SCC number and I will try to post it as soon as my monthly statement is available. Be sure to let me know what you think of my picks and please let me know if they are any other stocks out there that would fit in my #SCC portfolio.



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