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September 2017 Dividend Income

Well, there goes September and it’s finally beginning to feel like fall, bye bye extended summer. Time to start dusting off those old winter coats and thinking about those winter tires, but no worries because it’s about to be “The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”. The festive season talk is for another time and another blog because it’s dividend reporting time, so let’s get straight to it.

September was another boring month for my portfolio. LFE was up to its usual fluctuation but at least it paid in September, the forecast doesn’t look bright for October though. I might offload LFE once and for all. DF and DGS are kings in my book, so far they have held steady paying dividends every month consistently over the previous three(3) quarters coupled with modest gains.

Q4 will bring a slight change in my portfolio as I will be adding two(2) new stocks in the coming weeks in the aim to try to break $500 YTD before the end of 2017.


DGS —— $10
DF: —— $10
LFE: —– $6
Total: — $26
YTD: —– $369.81

See August Dividend Report

With September’s income added to my YTD total, thats $1.30 per day so for in 2017 (calculated using 284 days). Now that’s impressive, well not really, I wonder if a $1.30 a day works the same as an apple.

Let me know how you did this month  

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3 Thoughts to “September 2017 Dividend Income”

  1. Slow and steady wins the race man. Seems small now, but it will build over time. Still a few months left of the year to hit your goal. Good luck hitting the 500 mark.

    1. canadianyardie

      Thanks for the encouragement, steady I like slow not so much, but blogs like yours help me to keep my eyes on the longterm.

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