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canadian money 500x280 - #SCC SEPTEMBER DIVIDEND UPDATESmall Change Challenge #SCC is in full effect and the dividends for September are in. The dividends aren’t much as was expected because of the nature of the account My aim is to get the dividends to a point where the incoming dividends are enough to purchase three(3) of each stock monthly, then I will try to add different names to the portfolio.

At the time of writing this article PRV.UN and NXR.UN sits at $2.22 and $1.99 respectively. This means a dividend $6.66 would be required to purchase three(3) PRV.UN and another $5.97 to purchase the same for NXR.UN. So the first #SCC goal is to earn $12.63 in dividends monthly. So here is how it’s going thus far:

PRV.UN: —— $0.09
NXR.UN: —— $0.07
Total: ——— $0.16

As you can see I am a far, distance off my $12.63 goal but you can also say I am $0.16 closer. However, you want to look at it cup half empty or half full the #SCC is a nice way to save up them pennies (Oh we don’t use pennies anymore in Canada) for a rainy day

Don’t’ be afraid to tell us what you think and share any ideas you use to save a few extra coin.

“Every mickle mek a muckle”

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