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Photo 1 1 2014 5.41.04 AM 8 500x280 - OCTOBER 2017 DIVIDEND INCOMEWell, October is done and winter is here, which oddly is my favorite season. There is just something about the cold and snow which I always find amazing.

October was another decent month of steady dividends and a month where  I added a few more positions to my portfolio, namely FTN, HPF, PME, HEN.UN and FCS.UN. Both FTN and HPF were added late so the dividends will not show up until November’s report. HEN.UN will be terminated in November, so I sold it, the price was up and good enough for a small profit. All the proceeds from that sale were then invested in the similar, HPF, etf (exchange-traded fund).

I buy income funds and ETFs because it allows me to cover various sectors without much capital, so I get the exposure to different markets without breaking the bank. The plan is to eventually invest in single stocks held within these baskets, using the dividends from the ETFs and the income funds to make the purchases.


DGS: ———$10
DF: ——– $10
FCS.UN   —- $0.60
HEN.UN: —– $3.50 (SOLD)
PME: —— $0.08
Total: —–— $24.18
YTD: ———$393.99

See September Dividend Report

With October’s income added to my YTD total, that’s $1.26 per day so far in 2017 (calculated using 312 days). With October’s dividends, my daily income for 2017 fell by 4 cents.

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