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102500164 dividend check.1910x1000 660x346 - March 2018 DIVIDEND INCOME

Back at it again, website woes and dividend cuts, messing with my annual goals, along with the weather being as wild and crazy as the stock market since the turn of the year. Here is a look at what’s been going on with dividend income.


DGS: —— $11.20
DF: ——– $0 (No dividends were paid for the month of March)
FTN : —— $6.91
GXO: —— $0.41

Total: —— $18.52
YTD: ——- $77.40

With March’s income added to my YTD total, my daily income so far is $0.87 (calculated from January-March). There was no dividend from DF for the month of March which threw off my monthly and annual goals, hopefully the market stabilizes soon because DF is one of my most consistent and reliable payers.

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