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Langi!!! Get Familiar with the name @langi_music

Langi “Di Future” is Jamaica’s next best international superstar that is providing a fresh new sound to the scene. TheIMG 9341 Edit 243x365 - Langi!!! Get Familiar with the name @langi_music young superstar fuses reggae and modern dancehall with genres like trap and house which gives it a melodic blend that hasn’t been heard before. The 22 year old has been featured on many radio stations and media houses all over the world and plans to continue until everyone knows his name. Langi’s aim is to raise the standards of music by providing positive “feel good” music that people can relate to.

CanadianYardie (CY): Who is Langi as an artist?

Langi: Langi “Di Future” is Jamaica’s Next Big International Superstar that is providing a fresh new sound to the scene. The Young Superstar is a musical prodigy and he plans to take over the world with his new sound.

CY: What sets you apart from the other emerging artists out now?

Langi: Langi’s crazy flows complemented by his unique voice, is what sets him apart from every other artist. His rare sound easily differentiates him from everyone else and his charismatic personality is what gives him that star quality.

CY: What genre would you place you sound in?

Langi: The Young Superstar fuses reggae and modern dancehall with genres like Trap and House which gives it a melodic blend that hasn’t been heard before. His sound is definitely matchless and it has proven itself to be a rear gem in this generation.

CY: What do you most and least like about the music industry?

IMG 9473 243x365 - Langi!!! Get Familiar with the name @langi_musicLangi: Langi as a Musician really loves the music, but hates the music business. “I really love creating but I hate all the politics and logistics that comes when its time to release and promote the songs. I hate that nowadays, music is treated more like a product than an art and most time a gimmick is needed for a song to sell.”

CY: What’s your take on social media and how it affects the quality of music out now?

Langi: Langi believes that social media is an incredible platform that helps artists, like himself, to easily broadcast their art to the world. He believes that this platform is a connecting bridge that gives him direct access to his fans from all over the world and vice versa. “I do agree that music is not viewed as highly as it once was when social media wasn’t around, but I do think that this social media has given a lot of upcoming artist a chance to rise even without the use of a management company or a big record deal. “

CY: Love the vibe of the Move On single, what was the creative process behind that song?

Langi: Move on was inspired by a real life situation that I was facing at the time when I got hurt by my significant other. Rather than being depressed and sad about the whole situation I wanted to depict my positive, yet nonchalant attitude in the song and showcase why it is good to just “Move On”.”

Moving on doesn’t necessarily means going to another Spouse or another lover but means to just move or depart from that current situation and leave it behind you.

CY: Is writing you own music important to you and would you ever use a writer?

Langi: Langi believes that writing your own music is very important as the music will always be a representation of the writer. Therefore, if someone else is writing your songs, you are not properly represented as the song will reflect the personal feelings and experience of the writer and not the artist. “I personally would not use a writer to write an entire song for me, but rather I would be more inclined to vibe with the writer/artist and create a song together for the production.”

CY: Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

Langi: My biggest influencers in music are probably “Louis Armstrong”, “Smino”, “Chance the Rapper” and “Agent Sasco” and my favorite artists to listen to are “Chronixx”, “Agent Sasco”, “Big Sean” and “Chance the Rapper”. Everyone I listed before are legends in my book, as I believe they all provided a new sound to the world and that is exactly what I intend to do as well.

CY: What is the best advice you have received so far on your musical journey?

Langi: The best advice that I have ever received was: ‘Trust the Process and Don’t Rush the Process”. I love this quote so much as it can be applied to any circumstance, not only music, and it helped me remain spiritual and positive in a time when I going through a lot.

CY: Tell us about your biggest accomplishment musically so far.

Langi: My biggest accomplishment so far is getting air play on one of the biggest radio stations in the world: Hot 97. That was an amazing experience for me and It felt even better because I was around friends when my song got played for first time.

CY: Who would you want to work with locally and internationally and why?

Langi: Honestly I would work with anyone who is truly talented, locally or internationally. As long as the music sounds amazing then I’m fine with whoever. I am just trying to raise the bar of music again and whoever is willing to help me on this journey will be the ones that I collaborate with.

CY: What should we look out for, from Langi for the remainder of the year and beyond?

Langi: Langi will be releasing another monster hit single in January by the name of “Mufasa (K.O.T.J)” and he is all geared up to drop his new music videos with popular UK artist New London; “She Bad. He is also working on his E.P. with Point Records called “A Present” that is schedule to be released in February. “So Get Ready for Some Amazing New Projects !

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