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Jarrel the Young signs with Warner Music Group’s ADA/LEVEL

Jarrel the Young 2 500x280 - Jarrel the Young signs with Warner Music Group’s ADA/LEVELJarrel the Young signs with Warner Music Group’s ADA/LEVEL for his new EP Virtue 1 and releases first single “Tumble”

Jarrel the Young recovers from COVID-19 and releases new EP on August 7 around his experience, along with a nuanced view of the Black Lives Matter movement

Listen to Jarrel’s new single “Tumble” here

Toronto (Jul. 27, 2020) Jarrel the Young (JTY), best known for his role in multi-platinum music production duo Young Wolf Hatchlings, has announced a partnership with Warner Music Group’s ADA/LEVEL platform to distribute Virtue 1, his first in a series of projects as a solo artist. The full EP is scheduled to be released on August 7 but in advance of the project’s distribution date, JTY has decided to release his new single, “Tumble.”  JTY describes the sound of “Tumble” and the EP alternately as Black Alternative or Alternative R&B because the “Alternative” coefficient allows for influence from all genres. He continues, “…it represents the weight and struggle that comes with being a Black man – a new age Negro spiritual.”
JTY created this project to capture and convey a particular message around his experience with the Black Lives Matter movement and recovery from a COVID-19 hospitalization.
Each single on the project, “Tumble,” “One Step,” “Whoa” and “Feels”, has a common thread and will remind listeners of artists that put honesty and real conversations into their craft. JTY’s inspiration for this project came from watching the “world fall down around him” once COVID started.

“I was in London when countries were closing, people were getting disconnected from their families and were starting to panic. Then the Civil Rights movement started. On the back of tragedy and loss of life, people around the world came together to fight for what’s right,” says JTY. “All that raw emotion was the perfect backdrop for me to write about my own experiences with struggle and internal calamity. At the same time, I wanted to deliver a message of hope, because I know what happens if you only focus on the negative.  I write, produce and perform the entire project so there are no filters or dilution from the idea in my brain to the sounds you get to enjoy.” Jarrel the Young 1 500x280 - Jarrel the Young signs with Warner Music Group’s ADA/LEVEL

You can listen to “Tumble,” the first song from Virtue 1 here. The entire EP is available on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer on August 7.

In the past Jarrel the Young is notably known for producing and working with Fall Out Boy and their single, “Uma Thurman”, on the American Beauty/American Psycho album that garnered over 150M Spotify Streams, was also iTunes #1 Single and Billboard 200 #1, alongside cutting songs for David Guetta, Neyo, Jessie Reyez, Tory Lanez and more. Other work and notable accolades include winning an ASCAP Pop Award in 2016 and a MMVA nomination for the Young Wolf Hatchlings “You Lovely You” music video in 2015.

With over 500 million streams on previous projects as a producer, he decided to focus on “Tumble,” as his first solo release.  The song is a multilayered nod to JTY’s COVID-19 hospitalization, the Civil Rights protests erupting in the streets around the world and the sacrifice required to pursue success. After being exposed to and recovering from COVID-19, JTY had a new perspective on life. His priorities shifted to include his young family more into his creative process, adapting both to the quarantine as well as his new urgency to impart truth and justice in the current climate. Says Young, “‘Tumble”’ is about accepting challenges in our lives and realizing what we have to do to reach our goals regardless of the environment around us. It’s about realizing that things which appear to be pillars in our lives may actually be built on sand. It’s about realizing that the only thing you need to succeed and overcome is yourself. People are always looking for a person with courage to validate their feelings, when the truest hero is always within them.”

Over the past two years, Jarrel spent time connecting with premier recording artists, creatives and writers all over the world. He drew inspiration from studio sessions with DJ Spinall (Nigeria), SL (London), Boogie (Los Angeles) and even with Olympic gold medalist McKayla Maroney.  After distilling these experiences into a new sound Jarrel the Young dubs ‘Black Alternative’, the Synesthete producer shaped the first project to be the sound of the revolution. Synesthesia is a perceptual disorder which causes sensory and cognitive functions to blur together, turning sound into colour or touch into taste. Around 2 percent of the population identify as synesthetes, including Pharrel Williams, Kanye West, Charli XCX and more.

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