AMZA - January Dividends - #dividendseriesfinance 

January Dividends – #dividendseries

January is done and soon it will be December again.. January is usually a recovery month for most of us, it comes with the shock of how much you spent over the holidays, with resolutions and most of all new opportunities.

January in the dividend series came with one dividend payment from AMZA (InfraCap MLP ETF) which was $0.63 (CAD).

InfraCap MLP ETF: The Fund seeks to provide exposure to midstream Master Limited Partnership (MLPs) with an emphasis on high current income.

See chart for portfolio details:AMZA 368x365 - January Dividends - #dividendseries

I like investing in ETF’s and funds as it allows me to have access to many stocks that would be out of my price range. Also another benefit of investing in ETF’s and funds is that it give you an overview of what is view as the market movers when you drill down into the various holdings.

I will try to increase my position gradually and re-evaluate each quarter. The other stocks in the dividend series portfolio (DF, DGS) did not pay a dividend for January.

Please share you ideas, insight and anything that you do to generate passive income.


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