Is Jamaica Misssing out on the Weed Train?

Medical and recreational marijuana has been the subject of hot debate over the years, should it be legalized or not. On one hand, some see it as a drug that could treat a wide range of illnesses while others just see it as another drug much like cocaine.

But more and more countries are now toying with the idea of legalization and some have already gone ahead and made it , namely Uruguay and . Uruguay legalized the growing, selling  and consumption of marijuana, with the hope that accessibility will tackle the problem of illegal usage of the drug and the drug cartels by decreasing its street value. Canada followed in Uruguay footsteps becoming the second country to marijuana. Now it seems like the legalization wave is coming with countries like New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, and the USA all laying the groundwork for a national legalization.

So where does our tiny little island fall in all of this, a country that has long been associated with marijuana, to the point where one of the cliche questions you are asked as a Jamaican is “How are you Jamaican and you don’t smoke ?”. where the major part of the Rastafarian belief involves using marijuana for both spiritual and medicinal purposes.

Well, signs are looking positive, Jamaica has taken steps such as decriminalizing marijuana and most recently sent a shipment of medical marijuana to Canada. So its let us see what other steps will be taken to ensure that Jamaica, which for many is the marijuana capital of the world, capitalize on this global trend.


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