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Investing in Marijuana as a Non-Smoker

If you know me you would know that I don’t smoke not even an occasional puff, it’s just a personal choice. Being a non-smoker I have no issue with friends that smoke once they have no issue with me not smoking and we respect each other’s space. With the marijuana trend looking like it’s about to blow up, especially with Canada set to legalize the personal use of marijuana by July 2018, I had a discussion with some friends and I asked them what would they think about a non-smoker buying some marijuana stocks. To my surprise most of them were adamant that if you don’t indulge you should never invest. A few were on the fence and said an investment is an investment, you don’t have to use all the products you invest in.

I tried to explain to them how I would actually invest. I am not really interested in the actually direct use of marijuana, I am more interested in the by products that will be readily available. So I would lean towards a stock that uses marijuana in its product not a stock that just sell it as a product. Even then they said no I should stay out of that world like it was an elite society that you had to undergo some years off puff puff pass to even have a conversation about investing. I even began to ask myself what was I thinking of investing a weed infused supplement or a greenhouse to grow my own special strain of weed.

All in all I think investing in anything you use or indulge in would be great, as you will have a better idea of how the average user/consumer thinks and react to the product. But on the other hand if a company has good fundamentals and is managed well should it really matter?


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