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Getting To Know Samcherr – @_samcherr

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Samantha Bryan, known as Samcherr, was born in St.Catherine, Jamaica and moved to North York, Toronto at the age of 15 in 2013. After moving to Brampton in 2016 having participated in a few talent shows, she decided to embark on her musical journey which lead her to release her first original song, a short but sweet track called Aves Interlude, in 2017. Her immense passion for singing and song writing came from her listening to Musiq Soulchild, Lauryn Hill and Brian McKnight, and more recently Daniel Caesar and H.E.R., just to name a few. Having a Jamaican background, she incorporates smooth R&B with Reggae which is more noticeable on the single she released in September of 2018 called Tek Time, which was produced by an upcoming Jamaican producer. As she finishes her studies in University she intends on releasing more songs with quality content and hopefully an EP within the upcoming year.

CanadianYardie(CY): Who is Samcherr as an artist?

Samcherr(SC): Samcherr is just young adult trying to make it doing something she loves. Singing is second nature to me, and I struggle with sharing my feelings with individual people, so I am just trying to be heard in a different way. Not everyone is able to express themselves and if I can be a voice then I am happy to do so.

CY: What sets you apart from the other emerging artists out now?

SC: I think what sets me apart from other emerging artists is that I’m not trying to be like anyone else. I don’t wanna be the next whosoever. I just aim to be Samcherr and build my own sound.

CY: What do you most and least like about the music industry?

SC: What I like most about the music industry is the fact that everything is so easily accessible at the moment, literally anything is possible. I dislike that the industry doesn’t seem to be a family of people. There’s so much hatred and grudges that no one truly uplifts each other.

CY: In this social media age, is it harder or easier to get that big break everyone is searching for?

SC: I think it’s becoming harder because everyone knows that social media is the way to go so the amount of people chasing this dream has become wider, sometimes I still believe it’s one in a million.

CY: What’s your background and how does that influence your sound?

SC: I was born in Jamaica, and it heavily influences my sound in that I add an island vibe to the R&B I create.

CY: What inspired the song Tek Time?

SC: I struggle with knowing what I want in relationships, and I don’t do well with seeing people as long term, but I catch feelings easily so I was in a situationship at the time that got me all in my feelings so I wrote a few lines of the song. But In all honesty, I write lyrics randomly, sometimes lines that don’t even correlate, so I had the first line and I got an amazing beat and it all came together.

CY: Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

SC: My biggest influences are the greats, from Lauryn Hill to H.E.R. , Kehlani. A few upcoming people in Jamaica such as Kalex . I am heavily influenced by my surroundings so the few friends I have, good and bad relationships. My favourite musicians are The Internet, Stevie Wonder, Brian Mcknight just to name a few.

CY: What is the best advice you have received so far on your musical journey?

SC: The best advice I’ve gotten so far is … wow, I can’t think of any, but I must say when I feel like giving up I go to my close friend Nicolai and he puts me right back on track.

CY: What would be your dream venue in which to perform?

SC: My dream venue is Coachella, if I get there, I’ll be content.

CY: Tell us about your biggest accomplishment musically so far.

SC: My biggest accomplishment is so far is the support I’ve gotten. Every little thing means so much to me.

CY: Who would you want to work with locally and internationally and why?

SC: I wanna work with everybody and anybody who believes in me. I can’t fully say because I go based on vibes and I don’t know may people on a personal level.

CY: What should we look out for, from Samcherr for the remainder of the year and beyond?

SC: I hope to put out at least 2 songs before the end of the year and in the coming months I may have a joint EP on the way with another upcoming artist.

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