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Flash Back Interview – Triple Ess @triple_ess_official

Triple Ess Dancehall City 365x365 - Flash Back Interview - Triple Ess @triple_ess_official

Triple Ess had some time to answer a few questions that the CanadianYardie Team threw at him and from the results he is, definately one to look out for plus his music is fire!!!

CanadianYardie(CY): Who is Triple Ess and how did you get that name?

Triple Ess(TE): Im a Jamaican born Dancehall / Afro Pop recording artist. My legal name is Solomon Samuel Salmon, as a result Triple Ess was given to me as a nickname by my friends at Bridgeport High School. I am a Fun, hardworking & humble person, I like to be taken seriously and i have a great passion for music.

CY: Writing is a big issue in music these days do you write all your material, if so what is your writing method?

TE: Yes so far i have written all the lyrics i have performed and also composed most of the beats. I usually come up with a nice cord progression then work from there. sometimes i am inspired by things happening in my life and i usually write on that or sometimes i come up with lyrics based on what i think my fans would want to hear.

FILE3384 365x365 - Flash Back Interview - Triple Ess @triple_ess_officialCY: Would you ever work with a ghost write, if yes/no why or why not?

TE: Never worked with a ghost writer before, i am always open to work with other talented people that share the same passion as me.

CY: With so many artist out now what sets you apart from the pack?

TE: I have a very unique but catchy sound.

CY: Which artist made the biggest impact on you growing up?

TE: Beres Hammond

CY: What is your biggest musically accomplishment to date?

TE: 10,000 Monthly listeners on Spotify

CY: If you could choose any artist to work with, who would they be and why?

TE: Coldplay, Will i am, Kanye West, Arina Grande…. Their music help me thru any situation any day, very uplifting vibe

CY: What does your itinerary look like for the remainder of the year?

TE: Putting together some shows for promo of my new single “I Like You” stay tuned to my Spotify and instagram account for show dates and locations.

CY: Is it possible to get a CanadianYardie drop/jingle for free or for dirt cheap lol?

TE: Sure thing! will do next time i go in the studio.

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