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Dividend Series

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Dividend series is back and starting from scratch. So this series will be a bit different, the plan is to buy stocks in sectors which my bills fall under and try to get to a level where the dividends actually covers my entire or portion of my monthly obligations. For example SHAW (SJR.B) would cover my Freedom Mobile bill.

My first buy of this new series will be the ever faithful DGS, which is an income fund made up of banks and other financial institutions. DGS would be used to cover investment fees. DGS is now below the Net Value Asset (NAV) required to pay its monthly dividend of $0.1 per share but the price is currently at $4.38 and its just a matter of time until its back to its regular dividend paying ways.

So the plan is to acquire enough DGS shares to cover my quarterly fees of $6.50 on virtual broker, then grow it from there.

Let me know what you are buying and also watching.

My last dividend post was —–> April 2018

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