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Deon Simone the artist, painter and muralist – @deonsimoneart

20191011 190434 295x365 - Deon Simone the artist, painter and muralist - @deonsimoneart
Deon Simone standing infront most recent mural… entitled Jamaican Beauty. Mural inside Fontana Pharmacy newest location

Meet Deon Simone,  an artist by passion, who is inspired by people.

CanadianYardie (CY): Who is Deon Simone?

Deon Simone (DS): I am a contemporary Jamaica female artist, painter and muralist. I grew up in Trelawny but I currently live and work in Kingston, Jamaica. I enjoy experimenting with colours, lines and shapes. My main mediums are acrylic and oil paints on canvas.

CY: How does being Jamaican influence your art?

DS: Jamaica’s culture and heritage is rich and has impacted the world.  Jamaicans stand out everywhere they go, due to our boldness and vibrant personalities. I always try to represent my “Jamaican-ness” in my artwork, with the use of vibrant colour to gives my art a rich physical presence.

CY: What is the art industry like in Jamaica, are young artists like yourself embraced?

DS: The art industry in Jamaica is still evolving and growing. More art markets, exhibitions and auctions are happening, especially in Kingston. Young artist are embraced but the market for premium priced is still small which result in artisan having to do a second job or look to the international market.

20191011 190655 296x365 - Deon Simone the artist, painter and muralist - @deonsimoneart
Artwork done using oil paint on canvas entitled Contemplation. Sold at auction back in 2017

CY: Are you professionally trained and do you think professional training matters in the world of art?

DS: No, I wouldn’t say I wasn’t professionally trained but I did learn some basics about visual art in high school. While doing my Bachelors in Business Administration, I received a summer scholarship from the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Art.  The programme was brief and they taught the basics, which I wasn’t new knowledge for me.

DS: As it relates to the importance of professional training, I don’t believe professional training should matter in the world of art. I agree that art education can be an awesome opportunity for artists to try many media and techniques, with pointers from a trained teacher which make the process easier. However, a lack of an art degree doesn’t mean a lack of talent. Without having a teacher to guide you to the desired result, the artist may make work that is undefined by any rules that shows their purest expressions of creativity. This may result in unconventional authentic and revolutionary art.

CY: I noticed your pieces are mostly of people, is there any specific reason for this?

20191011 191041 367x365 - Deon Simone the artist, painter and muralist - @deonsimoneart
Artwork done using acrylic on canvas, entitled An Abstract Woman. Sold in 2018

DS: I am inspired by people. Being the daughter of a seamstress and growing up I felt inspired by reading her design books with beautiful illustrations. I would always try to recreate these illustrations which sparked my interest in figurative art.

CY: The piece listed as Untitled on your website, what is the meaning and inspiration behind it?

DS: The inspiration behind that piece is the world which we live in. The artwork depicts a person with one of their eyes covered blocking them from seeing the full picture. The blue outline of the head is a reflection of the globe.  I wanted to show that one sided vision is a worldwide issue. The media is hand that covers the other eye.

CY: In this social media/internet age how do you protect work?

DS: I try to do my best to protect my work with adding watermarks to each artwork and disabling the download image feature on my website.

CY: Artistically, who are your biggest influences and favorite artists?

20191011 191100 573x365 - Deon Simone the artist, painter and muralist - @deonsimoneart
Deon Simone in studio

DS: My biggest influences are Barrington Watson, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. My favorite artist is Barrington Watson. I loved his style and technique; also I look up to him as Jamaican artist.

CY: Tell us about your biggest accomplishment thus far.

DS: My Biggest accomplishment thus far is having my first individual exhibit sold out in a few first days.

CY: What should we look out for, from Deon Simone, where can we get your pieces and are they available worldwide?

DS: Look out for my new 2020 art collection. My current artworks are sold at and shipment is worldwide.  My website will accept all debit and credit card payments very soon.

Upcoming event(s) for the remaining 2019
Mandeville Art Show, Mandeville, Jamaica – Nov, 2019
Rotary Art Auction, Kingston, Jamaica – Nov, 2019
Liguanea Art Show, Kingston, Jamaica – TBA

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20191011 191329 557x365 - Deon Simone the artist, painter and muralist - @deonsimoneart
Mural in Fontana Pharmacy, Waterloo, Kingston Jamaica. Mural entitled Jamaica Beauty.

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