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generic champagne 532x365 - December 2017 DIVIDEND INCOMESo it’s January the first month of 2018 and I have been missing with the updates for most of the fourth quarter of 2017, but to be 100% there is no one reason I can pinpoint for the absence. The Christmas break was much needed to refresh and recharge those batteries. Not sure if the period for wishing everyone a happy new year has elapsed, but I will do it anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR.

So let’s get to why we are really here. The beauty of dividends is that even though I was on a break they were still working for me, Passive Income, so let’s start off 2018 the right way with a dividend income report.

December 2017 Dividend Income

DGS: —— $11.20
DF: ——– $11.20
FTN : —— $3.77
GXO: —— $0.12
LFE: ——- $2.30

Total: —— $28.59
YTD: ——- $447.71

With December’s income added to my YTD total, my daily income for 2017 was $1.22 (calculated using 365 days).

I added a Granite Oil Corp (GXO) to try to get my feet wet in a different sector (which I plan on doing more this year) and I continued my love/hate affair with LFE (see October Dividend Income)

The new and somewhat improved Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) portfolio and income report will be included in the January 2018 dividend income post

2017 wasn’t a bad year it had its highs and lows, we saw the stock markets breaking records after records, cryptocurrencies exploded to record-breaking highs and oil made was also up to the highest its been in years.

A new year always brings new possibilities with the opportunity to improve and advance old ideas. I am not the resolution type, I just always try to make today a little bit better than yesterday.


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