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Chatting with The Guyanese Singer/Songwriter Samantha Cross

20526100 821757671336591 3143270308478291634 n 365x365 - Chatting with The Guyanese Singer/Songwriter Samantha CrossCanadianYardie Team had a quick chat with the lovely Guyanese Songstress Samantha Cross about her musical journey and she didn’t disappoint.

Canadian Yardie (CY): For who don’t already know who is Samantha Cross?

Samantha Cross (SC): Samantha Cross is a born Guyanese versatile singer/songwriter who music is her world and just wants the world to rock with her and her music. I don’t plan on stopping even after I’ve made it.

CY: On you Instagram profile it states you are Guyanese Singer/Songwriter, how does having a Guyanese background influence your sound and lyrics?  

SC: Being a Guyanese born gives me the Caribbean flavor that you hear in my music and helps me to be versatile in my writing so I can relate to both Caribbean and north American culture.

CY: Would you say you do dancehall/pop music or is that you are not limited to any one genre?

SC: I do it all. I don’t like to limit myself as an artist. If you can do it all then why not. And I like giving myself new challenges, it helps me grow as a person in general. But I focus more on the dancehall/reggae side because it is my background.

CY: Being a Singer/Songwriter which is your favorite and which is most challenging?  

SC: I would say my favorite is singing and although I love writing it can be a bit frustrating at times especially when the writer block clicks in. But in the end, I love them both.

CY: Walk us through your creative process, do you write lyrics then match it to beats etc.?20597260 821757521336606 6482493853434873770 n 365x365 - Chatting with The Guyanese Singer/Songwriter Samantha Cross

SC: Both, I go about writing songs in different ways. Sometimes I write first I have the melody in my head and then the beat gets built behind it or I hear the beat feel out the vibe and then I write to it.

CY: I have heard from other artist that the music scene is extra difficult in Canada, do you share this view if yes/no, why?

SC: I would have to agree.  There are so many of us out there trying to make it but the problem is we aren’t supporting each other. There is room for more than one. Instead, we bash each other and try to put a block on each other movements. If we all come together, support one another the world will see that Canadian artist have a lot to offer.

CY: Who and what inspires you musically?

SC: My mom is my biggest supporter. She inspires me to follow my dreams and to do whatever it is that makes me happy so I’m not doing this for myself but for her as well.

CY: If you could choose any artist dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration and why?

SC: I would love to do a collaboration with Whitney Houston if she was alive. She sang from her soul and touched people in so many ways with her voice and music. And that is what I want to do.  

CY: Where can we see you performing live in the near future?

SC: I see myself performing on bigger platforms both in Canada and other countries as well. My team and I are working very hard on that. So far we have accomplished a lot by bringing out materials like singles and videos as well. And so far we have got good results from online televisions, radios and of course this interview which has been so far great opportunities. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have more to offer to our fellow fans.

CY: Is it possible to get a CanadianYardie drop/jingle for free or for dirt cheap lol?  

SC: I will be very happy to drop a jingle for CanadianYardie for free. CanadianYardie gave me this opportunity as an upcoming an artist so will be pleased to return the favor.

Follow her @scrossofficial


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