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Chatting it up with Miss MunRoe

msmunroe - Chatting it up with Miss MunRoeWith a mix-tape in the works we had a few question for Ms. MunRoe and she didn’t disappoint

CanadianYardie(CY): Who is Miss MunRoe and how did  you get that name?

Ms Munroe(MM): Miss Munroe is a singer song writer hair stylus model and Entertainer the name was given to me by a friend.

(CY): How would you describe your music?

(MM): My music is very versatile depending on my vibe and how I feel at the time.

(CY): What’s your background and how does it influence your music and style?

(MM): My background is Guyanese and American and I don’t think that my background influences my style of music because it’s based on my own individuality.

(CY): What genre would you place your music in and why?

(MM): I don’t know like I like what would you pay for my Cassandra would you say that it’s hip hop, would you say that like you said conscience like what would you. I think that my songs can go in different genres of music because but for the most part I would  call myself Hip hop, R&B and soul music.

(CY): Which artist made the biggest impression on you growing up?

(MM): SWV, Lauryn Hill and Mary J Blige the queens that I grew up listening to.

(CY): What does Miss MunRoe itinerary look like for the remainder of the year?

(MM): I’m working on my mix-tape which is called I am Miss Monroe.

Check her out on IG @missmunroe6ix


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