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Ackeino “Mek Mi Talk” @ackeinogrant

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Get Familiar with Ackeino the “Mek Mi Talk” multi-talent artist.

CY: Who is Ackeino as an artist?

Ackeino: Ackeino is a very artistic person someone who loves to improve on his craft of music. Ackeino is also a motivational speaker in schools. Ackeino love to play the guitar and drums to come up with new ideas for his music.

CY: How did that name come about?

Ackeino: The name Ackeino came from my mother, which is also my birth name. one day she heard a friend calling her son Ackeino so she decided to call me that name. The name Ackeino was discredited by many people in the music industry, they said it will never work with that name, but i choice to stick with my birth name.

CY: What sets you apart from the other emerging artists out now?IMG 6453 548x365 - Ackeino "Mek Mi Talk" @ackeinogrant

Ackeino: What sets Ackeino apart is his his aim, focus, motive, having a innovative mind, and heart to grow to be a better person and better artist.

CY: What do you most and least like about the music industry?

Ackeino: I like the fact that Reggae music gives Jamaica a platform to showcase the culture and the people of Jamaica. The industry can full of a lot of manipulators and cunning people, the unfairness in the industry can be overwhelming for an artist and that I hate.

CY: In this social media age, is it harder or easier to get that big break everyone is searching for?

Ackeino: It is not always easy to get that break in the industry you need, because there is a lot of really good musicians out there and because they are in industry already, you either need be better or really good, so you have to always keep on working on your craft to be better and keep on pushing for that break. We all know money runs the industry and if you have not money to push your work sometimes it can be hard, unless your work speaks for itself.

CY: What’s your background and how does that influence your sound?

Ackeino: I am coming from a very disruptive lifestyle, being kicked out of school when I was in 8 grade, then started to be more involve gangs and because of all of that life style it pushes me to challenge myself to become a better person to society and to myself, so because of my life’s journey I use music to express my journey to others to motivate them.

CY: Do you write all your music?

Ackeino: Yes I do write all my songs

CY: Where did the inspiration come for the track Mek Mi Talk?

Ackeino: Mek Mi Talk came from a place of downtimes in my life and the different things i learn trying to cope with life.

CY: Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?

Ackeino: Chronixx, Protoje and Bob Marley would be some of my biggest influence in the music industry.

CY: What is the best advice you have received so far on your musical journey?

Ackeino: Best advice I had receive was from a lady, she told me to be myself and to never change and don’t forget God.

CY:  Tell us about your biggest accomplishment musically so far.

Ackeino: Some of my biggest accomplishment are, the opportunity of being featured twice on the Nightlyfix show, and getting airplay around the world.

CY:  Who would you want to work with why?

Ackeino: I would love to work with Teflon the Jamaican Producer, Chronixx, Protoje. Why? Teflon the Producer is a very great producer. His work I consider to be among the best, Chronixx and Protoje are two artist I believe are very creative in the way the deliver in the industry of music.

CY: What should we look out for, from Ackeino for the remainder of the year and beyond?

Ackeino:  I will be doing my EP launch and more awesome work and collaboration with artist. Ackeino will also be giving back more to the youth development and schools to better their education facilities so they could excel more.

Check out Ackeino – Mek Mi Talk 

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