No Cash Plus Payday – Gov’t Trustee Says Still No End In Sight; Losses Now Stand At $19 Billion Blog 

No Cash Plus Payday – Gov’t Trustee Says Still No End In Sight; Losses Now Stand At $19 Billion

Two weeks after former Cash Plus boss Carlos Hill was freed of fraud charges, the state agency handling the liquidation of his failed unregulated investment scheme has signaled that depositors should not expect a full refund anytime soon. The Office of the Government Trustee revealed yesterday that the losses to Cash Plus depositors have been calculated at just over $19 billion, almost doubling the initial reports. The figure is based on the 35,000 claims the trustee’s office says it received from approxi-mately 21,000 depositors for $J17.5 billion, US$23.3 million, UK£413,500,…

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May 2017 Dividend Income Finance 

May 2017 Dividend Income

Spring is in full swing and May dividends are in. Even though weather is up and down, hot and cold but that’s Canada for you. There is still a whole lot going on, so get out and enjoy the festivals all the activities that are available to you. This month was another positive month on the dividend side with only one hiccup which might throw off my 2017 goal of $800 in dividends for the year: Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX): LFE: $13.60 DF: $20 DGS: $20 FTN: $4.40 Total $58 YTD:…

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MBJ Airports to host International Reggae Poster Contest awards and exhibition Blog 

MBJ Airports to host International Reggae Poster Contest awards and exhibition

Sangster International Airport operator MBJ Airports is pleased to announce it will host an awards ceremony and exhibition for the annual International Reggae Poster Contest on 17 November 2017. The exhibition will feature the top 100 posters from the fifth annual contest, selected from among 1,270 entries submitted by 748 graphic designers representing 75 nations. The winning submissions can be seen on the competition’s website, The first place winner, Russian national Julia Egorova, has won a trip to Jamaica sponsored by MBJ Airports and the Spanish Court Hotel to…

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Jamaican Stock Market (JSE) Wealth Hits $1 Trillion Mark Blog 

Jamaican Stock Market (JSE) Wealth Hits $1 Trillion Mark

Returns from equities continue to outpaced other local investment options. And year to date, stock market activity is out pacing 2016 both in volume and value of trades. Up to the end of May, the value of trades was in the region of $14 billion, compared to some $8.7 billion for the same period in 2016. Volumes have topped one billion units traded compared to 837.3 million units for the first five months of 2016. The market’s bull has pushed stock market wealth to record highs at just above $1…

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Remittances Down in Jamaica Blog 

Remittances Down in Jamaica

Jamaicans are reportedly receiving less remittance and this has been identified as one of the factors for a dip in consumer confidence in the economy. This is according to the latest Jamaica Chamber of Commerce’s (JCC) survey of business and consumer confidence. In presenting the findings of the survey yesterday, Managing Director of Market Research Services Don Anderson said Jamaicans reported that they received less remittance during the first quarter of this year. Anderson pointed out that the survey did not detect a change in the number of people who…

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Day Trading, What’s your take? Finance 

Day Trading, What’s your take?

Once there is a discussion about stocks and the stock market the question/suggestion of day trading always seem to pop up. My usual answer is not for me, nope I will pass. What is day trading a novice like myself would ask? According to my ever faithful tutor, Google, Day trading is speculation in securities, specifically buying and selling financial instruments within the same trading day. There is much more to day trading than being comfortable with numbers and statistics, thus making it a complex method of investing. Plus the…

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Small Change Challenge Idea #SSC Finance 

Small Change Challenge Idea #SSC

A few blogs ago I mentioned that I started a Small Change Challenge #SCC (see #SSC). It has been going pretty well, an update of how I did in May will be up sometime in June. This post is to share a neat little way that I make a little extra change to fund my #SCC. First I was on the fence about this idea, then I said what do I really have to lose. If you are an Android owner or user go the google play store and download…

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Small Change Challenge – #SCC Finance 

Small Change Challenge – #SCC

Recently I started what I call the Small Change Challenge (SCC). Others might call it something else, because I am sure it’s nothing new. I started using the small change in my account to purchase stocks. My definition of small change, is any amount between $1 and $2.99, so for example if I have $102.35 left in my account after a purchase I move the $2.35 to savings until I accumulate enough to purchase the stock I want. If it is enough to purchase the stock I want then I…

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